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There’s nothing more frustrating than looking at pictures and texts through a cracked iPhone screen. iPhones are expensive investments and you shouldn’t replace the whole phone just because of a cracked screen or a broken case. Wireless Works in San Diego is a reliable and affordable iPhone repair company with specialties in cracked screen repairs, charging port repair, front camera repair, rear camera repair, home button repair, power/volume button repair, vibration motor repair, and battery repair.

Whether you own the iPhone 4/4s, 5S/5C or even the latest iPhone 6/6s or 7 /7 Plus, we offer high-quality repair at the most reasonable price around San Diego and Encinitas. Our technicians possess the right skills and expertise to handle any problem on any iPhone model, and the best part is we can come to you!

Common iPhone Hazards for People Living in San Diego

The most common iPhone hazards are damaged LCDs and broken iPhone screens, but there are several other hazards that can ruin your iPhone, including issues with water damage, battery damage, dysfunctional home button, broken or damage head jack, and much more. No matter how careful you are with your iPhone, accidents are prone to occur and that’s where iPhone repairs San Diego comes to your aid.

Check Out the Pricing for All Our Repair Services
  • Cracked Screen Repair
  • Charging Port/Headphone Jack Repair
  • Rear Camera Repair
  • Front Camera Repair
  • Home Button Repair
  • Volume Power Button Repair
  • Vibration Motor Repair
  • Battery Repair
  • Proximity Sensor/Ear Piece Repair

The Most Common Issue: “I Dropped My Phone and the Screen Cracked

The top problem many iPhone owners face is broken screens. When handling your phone on the go, it might accidentally fall on the face and cause a broken screen. The only solution to this problem is to replace the screen, and this can only be done properly by the experts.

When Speaker Damage Ruins the Vibe

You can identify iPhone speaker damage when you find it difficult to hear the person on the other end of the line or when you can’t hear your ringtone or alarm alert. Speaker damage can be as a result of loose wiring connection to the speaker or clogged dust. The problem is fixed by replacing the speaker, blowing the dust, or fixing the wires.

The Panic: Charging Port Problems

Sometimes, an iPhone can develop a charging problem, yet your charger and battery seem okay. Chances are, there is an issue with the charging port. Fixing or replacing the charging port will rectify the problem.


    Water IS Damaging and Rice Doesn’t Help

    If your iPhone accidentally takes a swim, the electronic component may be affected and the phone will begin behaving funny. And don’t even think about putting your phone in a bowl of rice, it doesn’t work.

    Water damage can, in fact, be a death sentence to your valuable iPhone, but thanks to our thorough deep cleaning system, we can restore your iPhone to its original state if you can get it to us on time. Next time your iPhone seeps a little water, reach us immediately and let us restore it before any corrosion can begin to form.

    Let Wireless Works in San Diego Fix Your iPhone

    We’re confident in the quality of our repairs, and that’s why we offer a warranty diagnostics for any device repaired in our shops. We have several locations in San Diego, including Encinitas. But that’s not all; we are also mobile and we’ll come to your home or office to fix your broken iPhone. Our repairs typically take 30 minutes or less, so you won’t worry about wasting your valuable time lining up for a repair service. We are also fully licensed and insured, which gives you peace of mind when you entrust us with your valuable investment.

    When it comes to iPhone repair in San Diego, you don’t want to experiment with any handyman with a rusty toolbox claiming to be a professional phone repair specialist on Craigslist. You need to acquire the services of reliable iPhone repair company that is fully licensed and insured and has been in business for over 30 years.

    Wireless Works in San Diego provides a Lifetime Warranty* and short turnaround times of 30 minutes or less, making us one of the best around. Visit our offices at 160 N El Camino Real, CA 92024 in Encinitas or contact us for more information.

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